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Saxtons River Distillery Expands its Snowdrop Brand

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Saxtons River Distillery, a Vermont-based producer of award-winning craft spirits and liqueurs, has expanded its Snowdrop collection by introducing Snowdrop Vodka. A tribute to three generations of family distillers, the new Snowdrop Vodka launches this month with a traditional craft vodka, with a citrus vodka and a botanical vodka expected in the first half of 2023. Half of the proceeds of Snowdrop Vodka will be donated to Friends of Blue/Yellow Ukraine to support those affected by the current crisis throughout the country.

Snowdrop Vodka joins the award-winning Snowdrop Gin, lauded for its exceptional taste. The gluten-free, corn-fermented Snowdrop Vodka is six times distilled in small batches to yield a premium drinking experience. Enjoyed straight up or mixed in a cocktail, the finish is smooth and inviting.

Saxtons Distillery will also give back, as Christian Stromberg, founder of Saxtons Distillery, designates half of the proceeds from Snowdrop Vodka to Friends of Blue/Yellow Ukraine. His commitment to making a difference during the ongoing crisis goes back to Stromberg’s Lithuania heritage.

Stromberg says, “As my ancestors were forced to flee Lithuania and start over back in 1905, I understand what is at stake for today’s Ukrainian people. That is why it is so crucial for me to give back to charities like Friends of Blue/Yellow Ukraine that support those who are displaced and need help.”

Saxtons Snowdrop Vodka will be first available in New England for $26.99 for a 750ml bottle.

About Saxtons River Distillery

Founded in 2006, Saxtons River Distillery is a Vermont-based producer of small-batch craft bourbon, rye, gin, liqueurs, and vodka crafted with natural, local ingredients and flavors. Inspired by the owner and third-generation distiller Christian Stromberg’s old world, Lithuanian heritage, the Saxtons portfolio includes a unique line of maple-infused whiskies, naturally flavored maple and coffee liqueurs along with Snowdrop – a line of craft gin and vodkas. The company boasts a one-of-a-kind vacuum cold distillation process created by Stromberg, a former engineer, to produce a bold, smooth taste in its award-winning products. Carrying on a family legacy that spans three generations, Saxtons is proud to share family recipes and traditions through its premium collection of spirits. Click here to see the full lineup. For more information, visit

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