Who is BrattBeat?

BrattBeat is the brainchild of Eric Jones, a visionary artist and tech virtuoso at the helm of Jones E Designs. His journey in BrattBeat reflects a blend of creativity and technological prowess, where art, music, and digital arts expertise converge to create a unique online community.

Eric’s artistic lens is shaped by a lifelong passion for art, drawing inspiration from folk art traditions and his rich background in the music industry. His role as a ‘tech alchemist’ in the digital realm is underscored by his proficiency in artistic web design, graphic arts, and multimedia development, transforming visions into immersive digital experiences.

At the core of BrattBeat is Eric’s commitment to innovative design, technical excellence, and a client-centric approach. He ensures that each project delivers seamless user experiences with visually striking designs, tailored to resonate with the client’s vision.

Having lived in the Brattleboro area since 2005 and raising his family there, Eric deeply understands and connects with the community he serves. BrattBeat, under his leadership, thus stands as a testament to his dedication to enriching the local creative scene and supporting entrepreneurs and businesses in the region​​​​​​.

Introduction: What is BrattBeat?

BrattBeat is a dynamic platform that serves the Brattleboro community and beyond, focusing on Vermont’s creative businesses and entrepreneurs. It offers an extensive range of services including event promotion, art showcases, business and brand exposure, music events, and more. Targeting individuals and businesses alike, BrattBeat is the go-to hub for connecting with the local scene, celebrating creativity, and fostering business growth in the area.

BrattBeat’s Social Aspect

  • Community Engagement: Create and interact within social groups, fostering community connections.
  • Event Promotion: Ability to create and share events with the community.
  • Content Creation: Post updates, photos, and engage with followers.
  • Exhibit Listings: Share art exhibits or creative showcases.

Artisan Profile Benefits:

  • Showcase Artistry: Ideal for creatives like musicians, potters, writers to display their work.
  • Personal Branding: Develop and promote a unique brand identity.
  • Event & Exhibit Promotion: Share upcoming events and exhibits relevant to their art.

Business Profile Benefits:

  • Business Exposure: Promote brick-and-mortar or online stores.
  • Community Interaction: Engage with local community and customers.

Marketing and Promotion: Leverage social media and community features for brand marketing.

BrattBeat Assets

BrattBeat boasts a variety of assets targeting residents and visitors in the Brattleboro region


Established in 2017, receives thousands of weekly visits.


BrattBeat Weekly, Sunday Paper, and the Friday Art Flyer receive thousands of visits each month.

Social Media

Active Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter/X pages

Facebook Groups

A combined reach of over 7000 members with folks who live, work, and play in the region.

How BrattBeat's Assets are Utilized

Included Benefits

  • Full use of all the website features.
  • New Business Profiles announced in the Sunday Paper and on social media.
  • Artisan Profiles featured in the Friday Art Flyer and social platforms.
  • Events highlighted every Thursday in BrattBeat Weekly and across social channels.
  • Exhibits promoted in the Friday Art Flyer and on social media.

Paid Benefits

  • Featured Business/Artisan Page ($300/year):
    • Website ad placement.
    • Newsletter ad placement.
    • Ad removal on your page.
  • Featured Event ($30):
    • Prime website ad placement.
    • Top section feature in BrattBeat Weekly.
    • Event promotion on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter/X.


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