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Ruth Garbus Trio and Bernice
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Putney Craft Tour: A Thanksgiving Weekend of Arts – Discover & Celebrate

Thanksgiving weekend in Putney, Vermont, promises an artistic feast for locals and visitors, highlighted by the renowned Putney Craft Tour.
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Confluence Acupuncture
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Vermont Hempicurean, Vermont Grow Barn, and Vermont Bud Barn
Vermont Hempicurean, Vermont Grow Barn, and Vermont Bud Barn
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Thanksgiving weekend in Putney, Vermont, promises an artistic feast for locals and visitors, highlighted by the renowned Putney Craft Tour. This year’s 45th annual event, in collaboration with Next Stage Arts Project and Sandglass Theater, forms part of the much-anticipated Thanksgiving Weekend of Arts. This unique cultural collaboration aims to enrich the local area’s vibrancy, drawing attendees to explore local inns, restaurants, and the diverse array of participating organizations.

Event Details:

With an extraordinary collection of talent, the Putney Craft Tour stands out among art excursions, and this year’s open studio tour is no different. Bursting with an eclectic variety of artists and craftspeople nestled among the hills and valleys of this charming Vermont town, the 45th annual Putney Craft Tour, a prototype for open studios around the country, held during the long Thanksgiving weekend, gives shoppers, visitors, and collectors another reason to be thankful.

Putney Craft Tour Highlights:

  • Artists and Craftspeople: Blacksmiths, glass blowers, potters, jewelers, weavers, woodworkers, and even artisan cheesemakers invite visitors to discover their creations.
  • Scenic Meandering: Enjoy meandering the back roads, following the map to find these prominent craftspeople, and view their works where they are conceived and created.
  • Home Inspiration: Some settings showcase how to incorporate original pieces into a home, providing inspiration for art enthusiasts.

The Putney Craft Tour, though unique at the time and distinct to this day, did not spring out of a vacuum, but from the happy confluence of a number of trends. Vermont’s rich agrarian heritage created a culture of craft and an appreciation for the handmade that continues to thrive. The state was also at the forefront of discussions championing craft as art, contributing to the birth of the modern American craft movement.

Sandglass Theater’s A Rafter of Crankies:

  • Dates and Location: Performances on Friday, November 24, at 7:30 PM, and on Saturday, November 25, at 5 PM and 7:30 PM at Green Mountain Orchards.
  • Ticket Information: Tickets for A Rafter of Crankies are $20 General Adult Admission, $18 for students and seniors, and $16 for EBT and Medicaid cardholders. Tickets can be purchased online or at the door.
  • Event Details: Heating will run before and between shows; please dress warmly and bring layers. Cider and baked snacks will be available by donation.
  • Putney Craft Tour: Sandglass Theater’s A Rafter of Crankies will be part of the Putney Craft Tour on Thanksgiving Weekend.

Sandglass Theater will also be part of the Putney Craft Tour with puppets and crankies for sale at Sandglass Theater’s workshop, located behind the theater at 17 Kimball Hill Rd. in Putney Village.

The three organizations—Putney Craft Tour, Next Stage Arts Project, and Sandglass Theatre—invite you to join them for this enriching weekend filled with arts and culture in beautiful Putney, Vermont.

2023 Artists

  1. Jeanette Staley: An artist specializing in floor cloths and collage paintings, Jeanette Staley combines her artistic talents with a commitment to social and environmental justice activism. Her work, available for viewing at Flying Canvas Studio, reflects a unique array of ideas developed over time. For more details, visit Jeanette Staley’s Profile.
  2. Ryan Burch: Ryan Burch is a ceramic artist who creates functional pottery, including new mug forms, pouring pots, and tea pots, with a recent focus on porcelain pots. His studio in Putney, VT, showcases over 300 new pots, and he also offers a holiday web sale for those unable to visit in person. Discover more about his ceramics at Ryan Burch’s Profile.
  3. Nancy Calicchio: An oil painter, Nancy Calicchio captures the beauty of the Vermont landscape through her art. She works both on-site and in her studio, offering a range of paintings and notecards. A portion of her sales, especially those of fruit paintings, supports the Putney Foodshelf. Explore her work and support the cause at Nancy Calicchio’s Profile.
  4. Parish Hill Creamery: Specializing in seasonal, handmade, raw milk cheese, Parish Hill Creamery takes an elemental approach to cheese-making, reminiscent of traditional methods. They welcome visitors to their creamery in Westminster West, VT, and offer a variety of cheeses for sale, which can also be shipped. For a closer look at their artisanal cheese-making process, visit Parish Hill Creamery’s Profile.
  5. Earthenflux: Earthenflux, led by artist Fiona Morehouse, is a creative venture that blends painting and pottery. Situated by Canoe Brook, the studio offers a unique selection of work, including an array of paintings and pottery pieces. Visitors are welcome by appointment, and a wide range of new work is also available online. Discover more about Fiona Morehouse’s Earthenflux and her creations at Earthenflux’s Profile.
  6. Joshua Gold Pottery: Specializing in wood-fired and soda-fired pottery, Joshua Gold Pottery offers a variety of unique ceramic pieces. Located in Westminster West, the studio showcases a distinctive collection that reflects the artist’s expertise in pottery-making techniques. For more information and to view Joshua Gold’s pottery work, visit Joshua Gold Pottery’s Profile.
  7. Robert Burch: A master in handblown glass, Robert Burch creates exquisite glass pieces at Brandywine Glassworks. His studio in Putney, VT, not only offers glass art for sale but also provides opportunities for live glassblowing demonstrations and virtual interactions. Visitors can purchase his work online or by scheduling an in-person visit. To explore Robert Burch’s glass art and learn more about his studio, visit Robert Burch’s Profile.
  8. Josh Letourneau: Josh Letourneau is a skilled glass artist, offering a diverse range of glassworks from his studio in Westminster, VT. He maintains an extensive inventory of his creations, particularly from October to January. Letourneau’s work can be explored and purchased through various channels, including his website, social media, or direct contact. For a glimpse into his glass artistry and available pieces, visit Josh Letourneau’s Profile.
  9. Lindsey Saunders: Lindsey Saunders is an artist renowned for her oil paintings, offering both original works and signed giclée prints. Her studio in East Dummerston, VT, is open by appointment, and her art, including new greeting cards, is available on her website. Saunders also welcomes discussions about commissioned works or murals. To view her collection and for potential purchases, visit Lindsey Saunders’ Profile.
  10. Green Mountain Spinnery: Green Mountain Spinnery specializes in natural fiber yarns, offering tours of their production floor to showcase how their beautiful skeins are made. Celebrating their 42nd anniversary, they conduct a sample sale with proceeds supporting the Putney Food Shelf. Their yarns, patterns, and other products can be purchased both online and in-store. Discover the intricate process of yarn-making and browse their products at Green Mountain Spinnery’s Profile.
  11. Putney Mountain Winery: Known for its handcrafted wines and spirits, Putney Mountain Winery offers a diverse selection of products made from locally sourced fruits. The winery, located in Putney, VT, takes pride in creating high-quality beverages that reflect the unique flavors of the region. For a deeper look into their wine and spirit offerings and more information about the winery, visit Putney Mountain Winery’s Profile.
  12. Julia Brandis: Julia Brandis is a stained glass artist who creates nature-inspired lamps and panels. Her studio, located in Putney, VT, is open for in-person visits during the Putney Craft Tour and by appointment thereafter. Brandis’ work, reflecting the serene beauty of her surroundings, is also available for purchase through her website. To explore Julia Brandis’ stained glass artistry, visit Julia Brandis’ Profile.
  13. Ken Pick: Ken Pick is a renowned artist in functional and sculptural pottery. His studio in Putney, VT, welcomes visitors with a variety of pottery works and sculptures, including a special discount table. While Ken does not operate an online store, his gallery is open year-round by appointment, and he invites inquiries and orders via email or phone. To view Ken Pick’s pottery creations and for purchase details, visit Ken Pick’s Profile.
  14. Caitlin Burch: Caitlin Burch specializes in handblown glass and jewelry, offering a unique collection that can be viewed and purchased at her studio in Putney, VT, or online. Her creations are showcased during specific open studio dates, and she also maintains an active presence on social media for updates and shopping options. For more information about her glassworks and to explore her jewelry designs, visit Caitlin Burch’s Profile.
  15. Judy Hawkins: Judy Hawkins is a landscape painter whose studio in Putney, VT, is open to visitors. She offers a range of paintings for sale, including options for giclée prints. Her work, focusing on the serene landscapes, can be viewed and purchased through her website, and she provides options for studio pickup or shipping in handmade wooden crates. For a closer look at Judy Hawkins’ landscape paintings and contact information, visit Judy Hawkins’ Profile.
  16. Jeanne Bennett: Specializing in sterling silver jewelry, Jeanne Bennett creates one-of-a-kind and limited-edition pieces inspired by nature and the versatility of metal. Her studio in Putney, VT, welcomes a limited number of visitors during the tour, offering a personal glimpse into her exquisite jewelry collection. Her work can be purchased from her web store, featuring a range of unique, everyday wearable designs. For more information and to view her jewelry, visit Jeanne Bennett’s Profile.
  17. Pura Vida Essentials: Founded in 2001 in Putney, Vermont, Pura Vida Essentials was created by Judia Bruno to provide natural products safe for sensitive skin. This venture marks its first year in the Putney Craft Tour, offering a range of affordable, skin-friendly products. Their creations can be purchased during the tour or through their website, celebrating a commitment to natural and accessible personal care items. To explore the range of products offered by Pura Vida Essentials, visit Pura Vida Essentials’ Profile.
  18. Susan Jarvis: An artist of diverse media, Susan Jarvis specializes in ceramic mosaics, paintings, and sculptures. Her studio, Overhills Studio in Putney, features mosaic installations and an array of her artworks. During the Putney Craft Tour, visitors can explore her kiln-barn and grounds, and purchase ceramic tiles, sculptures, holiday ornaments, and oil paintings. Jarvis’ artistry transforms stories and histories into intricate artworks, also offering custom home mosaics. For more about her work and to view her creations, visit Susan Jarvis’ Profile.
  19. Tom Goldschmid: A skilled wood turner, Tom Goldschmid specializes in crafting wooden bowls, focusing on the life energy of trees and the stories they tell through the changing seasons. Unfortunately, due to health issues, his studio will be closed for the 2023 Putney Craft Tour. We wish Tom a speedy recovery and look forward to his return for the 2024 Putney Craft Tour. To learn more about Tom Goldschmid’s craft, visit Tom Goldschmid’s Profile.
  20. Hopestead Studio: Located at Wild Life Hill Farm, Hopestead Studio is a versatile space for creating a variety of artworks, large and small. Operated by Anya, the studio features both a heated upstairs and a more rustic ground floor, with work available for purchase by appointment. For those interested in exploring and purchasing unique creations from Hopestead Studio, appointments can be made via email. There’s currently no website or social media presence for the studio. Visit Hopestead Studio’s Profile for more information.
  21. Sandglass Theater: Located in Putney, VT, Sandglass Theater is renowned for its hand-made puppets and crankies. The theater, with its workshop housed in historic sheds, actively participates in the local craft tour and conducts special performances at Green Mountain Orchards. This creative hub offers a unique blend of performance and craft, showcasing the artistic puppetry and crankie art. For more information about their work and performances, visit Sandglass Theater’s Profile.

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For more details and updates, visit the official websites of the participating organizations and follow them on social media.

Putney Craft Tour: Putney Craft Tour Official Website

Next Stage Arts Project: Next Stage Arts Project Official Website

Sandglass Theater: Sandglass Theater Official Website

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