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Giving thanks for a clean bill of health for Carlos the Ox

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At 17 years old, Carlos the Ox is the equivalent of a 2,000-pound, ninety-year-old man. As he continues to age, Retreat Farm is closely monitoring Carlos’s health and well-being in collaboration with the veterinary team at Green Mountain Bovine & Equine Clinic in West Chesterfield, NH. During a recent visit, Dr. Danya Locitzer gave Carlos a clean bill of health.

Though Carlos is moving a little more slowly these days due to arthritis, the quality of his health is a testament to the level of care he has received from dedicated caregivers over the years. Keeping a watchful eye on Carlos, on-site caregivers at the Farm conduct weekly health evaluations to monitor his mobility, weight, appetite, responsiveness, and willingness to engage with visitors.

Carlos was born at Retreat Farm on April 12, 2005. His mother was one of the last generations of dairy cows at the Farm. A Red Holstein Brahma cross, Carlos has grown up at the Farm and is a beloved member of the Brattleboro community.

Recently, Retreat Farm scaled back its operations and budget, and began a strategic planning process to identify activities that meet critical community needs, leverage Retreat Farm’s unique strengths, and have reliable philanthropic support.

As part of this process, the Farm reduced the size of its animal population, finding loving homes for many of its pigs, sheep, goats, and chickens. But a small group of animals continues to live at the Farm. This winter, you can still visit Carlos and his companion goat, Pip, in their pasture overlooking the historic buildings — along with Sassy the Donkey and a small herd of goats in the Goat Playground.

“We’re as committed as ever to connecting people to the land and one another,” said Kristin Sullivan, Retreat Farm’s new Executive Director. “I’m looking forward to exploring innovative ways to keep animals on the land and deliver experiential programming for learners and explorers of all ages.”

In the coming months, Retreat Farm will expand its Board of Directors, reach out to the public for program feedback, and seek new ways to serve the community.


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