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Off The Wall – The Art Lottery Where Everyone Wins!

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Join us at the live event at 5 pm on Saturday, May 18th at 118 Elliot.

Once your lottery ball is picked from the spinner, you get to choose your favorite piece out of what’s available on the wall.

If you’d like to play without attending in person, you can send us your ranked list of favorites and when your number is picked, we reserve the painting that’s ranked highest on your list from those still available. You can come to the school to pick it up, or we can send it to you for an additional fee (please note that large, framed pieces can be expensive to mail).

Early Bird Participant Tickets: $175
Regular Price Participant Tickets: $200

Buy your ticket for Off the Wall and you’re guaranteed to win! Local artists and collectors donate artwork and every participating ticket holder receives an original piece of art.

Non-Participant Tickets: $30
If you want to support the school without getting a piece of art, or if you are the partner or friend of a participant and would like to join them, this is the ticket for you.


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