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Musicians’ Workshop: French Bal Folk tunes

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Instructor: Rachel Bell 

Governor Hunt House Community Center

322 Governor Hunt Road, Vernon, VT 

(About 10 min from Brattleboro)

Learn a set of an dros (dance tunes) from Brittany

Pre-registration and payment REQUIRED at least a week in advance at this link:

Minimum of 10 registered participants required at least a week before the workshop in order to run the workshop– so tell your friends!


All instruments welcome. At least basic proficiency required. 

Come learn a set of of tunes from Brittany, the northwest part of France, where there is an incredible dance tradition with tunes that range from groovy to beautiful to wildly energetic. This time we’ll focus on the an dro, a type of tune that is simple but very satisfying to play. We’ll learn a medley of tunes by ear, but I’ll present the tunes in bite-sized pieces, so if you’re new to learning by ear, there will be plenty of support. Toward the end, I’ll pass out the sheet music for reference. In addition to the set of tunes, we’ll work on the style and how to play it so it’s danceable. We’ll explore some chordal groove ideas and harmonies. If you have a really good time learning the tunes and want to take them a step farther, you’ll be invited as a group to sit in with the band for a medley at one of the upcoming Brattleboro bal folk dances! Check out the style of music here:


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