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Masters of Sonic Liberation Part. 2

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The KaneLoggiaHYPOTHESIS presents Masters of Sonic Liberation #2, the second show
in a 3 part series highlighting world renowned musicians in the ever expanding field of
experimental music at 118 Elliot on Saturday, November 18th.
• Ayumi Ishito / Eric Plaks / Jon Panikkar (sax, electronics, keyboard, drums – psych free jazz trio)
• Eric Dahlmen – (solo trumpet, electronics, throat singing)
• KaneLoggiaHYPOTHESIS + Ben JAMES – (sax/flute/electronics, percussion/electronics, bass/drums)
• Tom Law / Al Margolis – (electronics)
• Dave Pek / Glynis Lomon / John Fugarino (woodwinds, cello, bass, electronics)

Doors are at 7pm; $10 Donation Suggested.

Arising from the modes of improvisation, free jazz, noise, avant-garde, modern
composition, electronics, electro-acoustic, vocal work, and traditional instrumentation,
the unifying principle of these artists is their dedication to exploratory,
hypothetical, investigational, probing, observational, theoretical,
innovative, inventive, radical, avant-garde, anti-normative,
alternative, fringe, unfamiliar, unorthodox, unconventional, unusual,
eccentric, avant-garde, avant-core, free thinking, way-out music.

Both physical and streaming audiences ( will be treated to unique sounds and first-time ever performances, guaranteed to inspire wonder, amazement and delight. The evening will bring the listener deeper into the world of musicians who have left the norms and
abandoned the pop and easy listening culture, to continually investigate and create music of the greatest depth and personal expression that reaches directly into the algebra of the mind, heart, and soul.


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