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Freyja’s Wisdom: Spirit Magic Ritual & Rune Divination

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Seeking an otherworldly adventure? Unveil the Mysteries of the Viking Realm This Halloween. Peer into the future and reveal answers to questions you always wanted to ask. The goddess Freyja beckons, the runes await, and Heiðsær’s performance promises an enchantment-filled evening like no other…

Embrace Freyja’s Wisdom
Engage with the divine power of the Freyja, goddess of love, war, and magic, in this immersive ritual experience, as visiting group Heiðsær conjures her embodied insights for all those who seek her. Step forth to ask your questions and receive guidance from the heart of Viking mythology. Witness the revival of the Old Norse vǫlur traveling seeress community and let Heiðsær transport you back in time. Enthralling and empowering, this performance transcends the ordinary, inviting you to connect with the past in a truly extraordinary way.

Immerse yourself further in the spirit of the Vikings with an exquisite Freyja-inspired mead and treats! Middlebury, VT based Golden Rule has created a very special Mead for this event “Freyja’s Tears” a linden, and cowslip mead with the optional addition of edible gold, seasonal cookies will also be available from Burrow & Hearth bakery!

Delve deeper with personal divination!
Personal rune, tarot, and pendulum readings will also be available for purchase at time of the event. The vǫlur offer $15 for a 5 minute “quick” read, $45 for 15 minutes, or $75 for 30 minute readings. For the readings, credit cards are the preferred method of payment.

More about the history of Runes

Seiðr is the Old Norse art of spirit-magic. In historical context, it was capable of altering wars and warriors, exposing secrets, bringing prosperity, and helping to shape the future. Heiðsær use historical details to root their version of this practice.

Heiðsær is a group of touring witches bringing insights about your past, present, and future to your door. A revival of the Old Norse vǫlur traveling seeress community, Heiðsær uses the traditional arts of spá and seiðr to help, to entertain, and to empower. Heiðsær aims to bring prophecy, history, and an engaging experience like no other to all those with curious minds. A public seiðr ritual includes: a brief introduction to explain what you’re witnessing; a session with song, trance, and spirit-channeling; and an opportunity for you to ask questions of that spirit. Heiðsær is led by Lux Heljardóttir, a professional vǫlva with over 20 years of experience, and her 3 trained vǫlur: Melissa Óðsdóttir, Jade Njǫrunardóttir, and Lis Friggjardóttir. Their visit to the region is sponsored by: In Situ Polyculture Commons.

Secure Your Seat: Limited tickets are your passport to this captivating event! Each ticket opens the door to a mesmerizing exploration of prophecy, history, and mysticism in your visit with Freyja.


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