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FREE TO BE: 1-day nourishing spring cleanse retreat

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Hosted by Jessica Jean Weston of Superfresh! Organic Café


Beneath the layers and filters and armor that we adorn as we move through the world, we are pure unconditional love, a radiant core shining brighter than we can even imagine. That is our core essence. The rest is protection, a facade.

Let’s come together in safe supportive community to remember this light within us. Poco a poco. It’s a daily practice with each new moment.

Join me this Spring to celebrate the Equinox and full moon at the beautiful New Spring Farm in Peru, Vermont as we move into a vibrant new season. Allow the supportive land and natural beauty and bounty of Mama Gaia to remind us that it is safe to let go, release, step into new cycles, and realign with our core essence, that we are free to be our true authentic selves, forever trusting that what will come will be better than before. Beyond our wildest dreams.

The shift in seasons is a perfect time to slow down, tune in, take a nice slow deep breath in, and breathe out into a new cycle. In a safe supportive container we will journey together in and through the expanse of our boundless hearts. Together we will enjoy delicious nourishing foods & drinks, cook, move, write, meditate, dance, release, journey with sound and plant medicine, and play with supportive tools for you to take home with you into your day to day to remember the incredible spirit that you are.

This retreat is open to everyone ~ all ages, expressions, and abilities.


  • Creative Visualization meditation and journaling
  • Meditation
  • Mini Essential Oil Aromatherapy class and intuitive roller blend creation
  • Raw Vegan Cooking Class ~ superfood elixir & bliss balls!
  • 100% organic, vegan, gluten-free, soy-free menu filled with nourishing whole foods, snacks, juice, elixir, and tea (see menu below)
  • Journaling
  • Sound Healing
  • Supportive Discussions / Group Sharing
  • Food and the Body-Mind Connection to Optimal Health and Healing talk
  • 1-day retreat Recipe e-book filled with all the delicious goodness we’ll be enjoying for you to recreate at home
  • Outdoor nature connection & meditation
  • Nourishing teas, infused water, & light simple snacks available throughout the day



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