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Drawing Marathons with The Drawing Studio + River Gallery School

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Building a Positive Community (BAPC)
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Vermont Hempicurean, Vermont Grow Barn, and Vermont Bud Barn
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Jones E Designs


RGS is collaborating with the Drawing Studio (TDS) on a series of immersive Drawing Marathons that will offer a deep dive into different approaches to drawing with teaching artists from both TDS and RGS.

Friday, January 19th- Sunday, January 21st

Saturday, January 20th 9am – 5pm

Self Portraits with No Fear with Eric Cutler + Kimberly Carmody

This session will begin with a short exploration of our own faces through memory and touch. Then students will be introduced to the basic geometry of the face and investigate scale, proportions, composition and perspective. The invitation is to approach these portraits playfully, using both observation and touch to inform us.

Nicolaides Life Drawing: The Natural Way to Draw with Kate Norberg

The Natural Way to Draw by Kimon Nicolaides was created as a year-long course manual of exercises, each exercise building on the preceding one, utilizing as many of the five senses that can reach through the eye at one time. In this Life Drawing session, Kate will teach the first three core exercises: contour, gesture and weight drawing. These exercises are designed to develop a feel for surface, energy and mass.

Sunday, January 21st 8:45am – 5pm

Form, Space + Relationship with Jason Alden

Working from the model students will explore relational drawing, which is a way of giving equal attention to forms and the spaces around them. This process naturally includes an introduction and better understanding of proportional accuracy, subtle feeling, material absorption, as well as a greater sensitivity to composition.

Figure Drawing with Pastels with Ben Marder + Kimberly Carmody

Capturing figurative gestures while working with pastels by layering and blending is a process that can feel fluid and intuitive. In this class students will investigate the human form from the inside out in an attempt to understand the intrinsic flow of the body, in which the skeletal and muscular systems have their own internal balance of equal and opposite interconnectedness.


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