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Jun 22


June 22 @ 8:00 PM - 10:00 PM

Celebrate the 85th anniversary of Wizard of Oz with a fun experiment in perception! Legend is that if you listen to the Pink Floyd’s prog-rock classic ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ while watching a silent ‘Wizard of Oz’, the two behemoths of culture align in perfect synchronicity, see for yourself in 3D!

Back By Demand! Last year we celebrated the 50th Anniverary of DARK SIDE OF THE MOON, this year Wizard of Oz turns 85! Join us in our Sanctuary June 22nd for the ultimate prog-rock/classic cinema crossover you never knew you needed. For years an Urban Legend had circulated about the incredible synchronicities between two of the most beloved pieces of entertainment of the century. Dark Side of the Rainbow – also known as Dark Side of Oz or The Wizard of Floyd – is the pairing of the 1973 Pink Floyd album The Dark Side of the Moon with the 1939 film The Wizard of Oz. This produces moments of apparent synchronicity where the film and the album appear to correspond. Coincidence combined with the brain’s tendency to seek patterns in things, is a phenomenon known as the apophenia, come experience it for yourself in Anaglyth 3-D! Glasses and popcorn provided!

It’s unknown who actually first synced the albums together, but it was pulitzer-prize winning journalist, Charles Savage who first brought this legendary mash-up to the public’s attention. In a piece for the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette back in 1995, Savage told the world when to press play on the CD and, in effect, provided us all with the first taste of The Dark Side of the Rainbow.

Read his Recent Essay in The New York Times about his strange role in spreading the phenomenon…

Pink Floyd, The Wizard of Oz, And Me

Tonight’s Audio/Visual Adventure will be Synced from 3rd roar of the MGM lion. One play of ‘Wizard of Oz’ with two and a half plays of ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ will create an experience guaranteed to make your spine tingle with disbelief, asking yourself Was this done on purpose? Or was it some sort of unexplained parallel of space and time that brought these two classics together? Put on your 3-D glasses, sit back, relax and see for yourself! Audience capacity will be limited to 150 so each participant has the best possible eyeline for this immersive experience!

The Dark Side of the Moon‘s engineer, Alan Parsons, has often been asked whether the album was deliberately aligned with the film, something he very much denies. “There simply wasn’t mechanics to do it, we had no means of playing videotapes in the room at all. I don’t think VHS had come along by ’72, had it?” Needless to say, that hasn’t stopped plenty of theories surfacing about the similarities. Even Floyd drummer Nick Mason was asked about The Dark Side of the Moon: “It’s absolute nonsense,” replied the drummer. “It has nothing to do with The Wizard of Oz. It was all based on The Sound of Music.”


June 22
8:00 PM - 10:00 PM


Epsilon Spires
190 Main Street
Brattleboro, VT 05301 United States
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Epsilon Spires
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