Ceres Natural Remedies adds Tretap to wellness-based mission

Two Health Focused Vermont Brands Align with Singular Wellness Based Mission
Ceres Natural Remedies, LLC adds sustainable organic beverage maker, Tretap, to its growing list of brands

Burlington, VT – Cere’s Natural Remedies, Vermont’s original CBD Store, today announced it has acquired Vermont based Tretap beverage company, creator of 100% organic sparkling water beverages from sustainably harvested maple tree water. The move will align the wellness based missions of both brands and create a new line of high quality hemp derived CBD infused beverages. Both companies have grown in popularity by building reputations for high quality organic wellness based products and innovative cultures that cater to a wide range of health minded consumers.

Ceres Natural Remedies sells Vermont’s widest range of hemp derived CBD products at its flagship store in downtown Burlington. It also operates additional locations in Middlebury and New England’s first ever CBD Drive through location in Brattleboro.

“As Ceres searched for a partner to expand into the beverage industry, it didn’t take long to realize how similarly focused both Ceres and Tretap are. The more we talked, the clearer it became that by coming together we could make a true impact to consumers and meet the demands of two rapidly growing markets in CBD and sparkling water,” said Shayne Lynn, Executive Director of Ceres Natural Remedies.

Tretap is made in Vermont by seventh generation family maple growers. The low calorie, sparkling alternative to sodais naturally sweetened with a touch of anti-oxidant rich, organic maple syrup and harvested using sustainable forestry practices and infused with organic flavors.

“We are so excited to become a part of a company that shares our passion for high quality products that promote sustainability and wellness. Tretap was created for people who care about what they put in their bodies. This partnership will not only allow us to continue to provide the same great tasting sparkling maple waters our fans have come to love, but also develop new products that have additional benefits,” said Aaron Harris, Tretap President and Founder.

The partnership comes at a perfect time for both companies as popularity and demand for CBD and sparkling water products rises exponentially across U.S. markets. Organic is the fastest growing product category in the U.S. food and beverage industry and recent consumer survey data indicates demand for tree water beverages will double by 2020 and triple for maple water products.

It takes 40 gallons of Maple Sap to make one gallon of Maple Syrup. Tretap uses the pristine water that’s extracted for a pure and natural great tasting sparkling water that is turning heads. Tretap has an expanding distribution network throughout the Eastern and Midwest United States and is available in select markets including grocery, convenience and independent store retails.

Ceres Natural Remedies first introduced Vermont to CBD products in 2015 and has gained popularity by taking an innovative and educational approach to serving its customers. Known for our friendly and professional consultative approach, Ceres offers Vermont’s largest selection of plant-based therapeutics utilizing premium hemp-derived CBD.

In the first quarter of 2019, Ceres and Tretap expect to develop a new line of CBD infused sparkling maple water beverages with the same standard of quality and sustainably both companies have become known for.

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