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Lahnah Album Release Show at McNeill’s Brewery

Lahnah is releasing another full-length album, and it will be celebrated at McNeill’s Brewery on February 23rd starting at 8 PM!


These recordings have been in progress since September of 2018, we are now very proud to share them with you. 
Never before has Father Spatter or Lahnah put so much labor into the production and mastering process. The culmination of countless hours of tweaking is here, done, complete! 

These are songs about family. The clamp that holds the shape of your brain, the apple tree which you (the apple) have fallen below without rolling to far away. Also the people that I am happy to let into my heart. 

These are songs about spirit. The thing that endures death. Scabs but doesn’t scar. 

These are songs about landlords. The people that could own us if we didn’t have the will to tell the world to rob them. 

These are songs about the truth – the way a dog feels it. 

These are songs about the town in which I live: Brattleboro, Vermont. It is a seedy and prissy town with a dumbfounding variety of spirit. 

These are songs about the lonesome afterlife of a soul that is in denial – the ghost that doesn’t have warmth to feel but really longs for yours.

released February 23, 2019 

Thomas sang, played the guitar, drum, bass, and programmed noise. 
Asher played the cello 
Jackson played the trombone 
Recorded, produced and mastered by Thomas, Asher, and Asa at their houses and Marlboro College. 

Thanks family and friends, we hope you know who you are- what? we’re mostly standoffish? 
well, Thanks Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, all the mountain men, Jarred S, Emily T, Ian S, Grace S, Roan D, Atticus D, Erin R, Kevin B, Ryan B, Echo M, Jamie S, Lu R, Eliza P, Linnea C, Eddie J, Christian Y, Chris A, Ben K,

Here is a recent release

After countless hours writing and recording and many transformations, a set of ten songs unlike any they’ve released before will be ready for you to hear! Hints of avant-garde, punk, country, post-rock, and good old textural indie will bring your heart to the place that is warm.

This is the best album since Kiss’s unreleased basement tapes.

– Jimmy Garcia

Thomas recorded the vocals guitar, bass, and drums and produced it with the help of Jarred who also rips the bass.  Asher played the violin and edited the music video.  Ryan is a sick drummer. Emily shred the guitar. 

The things and people that made this album happen are Asa, Jamie, Ian, Jake, Mom, Dad, Jonas, our classist neighbors, the people who get to invested in characters and archetypes, the communities that know and to celebrate and how to do it, Cigarettes, Heineken, and most importantly, Rip It energy drink, and obsessive desperation – for them we are grateful.

Kissies will be traveling all the way from New Jersey just for you! They are a queer-punk band who’s brief and rampant songs may just bust your heart and open your head!

All of these songs are about queer trauma, fighting past oppressive forces and finding truth in those that you consider your closest. releases March 6, 2019.

Kevin Henson – guitar / vocals 
Kim Rubin – drums 
Luke Henderiks – bass / vocals 

Engineered by Andi Jones at So Big Auditory in PHL 
Mastered by Will Killingsworth at Dead Air Studios in MA 
Album art by @stolenchapstick 
All songs were written by Kissies

Paul Bergmann and The Fair Moans from Northampton, Mass will lasso you and pull you to the desert where there is a semi-gloomy surf party – it is beautiful and articulate rock music with a western/surfy tinge. | @paulbergmannandthefairmoans

“Make Yourself at Home” was recorded on December 1 and 2 of 2018 at Dead Air Studios in Pelham, MA. It was recorded and engineered by Will Killingsworth. Drums and bass were mixed by Will Killingsworth. 

Paul Bergmann wrote all of the songs and produced and mixed the album. Some vocals were recorded at Ohm Rehearsal Space in Easthampton, MA. Mark Fuller mastered “Make Yourself at Home” in Sebastopol, CA. 

Performers on “Make Yourself at Home” include: 

Mike Clauss – Bass 
John Sheldon – Drums 
Caleb True – Lead Guitar 
Paul Bergmann – VOX, Guitar, Harmonica, Keys

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