How to use BrattBeat

Hello, my name is Eric, and I’m so glad that you are interested in using this service.  You can learn more about me and BrattBeat on the about page if you wish.  These instructions are primarily for folks looking to take advantage of the marketing opportunities offered by BrattBeat, but of course, BrattBeat is for everyone.


Here is a quick overview of the services provided. 

BrattBeat is divided into three basic elements:

  1. BrattChat — A local social media service.  Join BrattChat today and break free from corporate censorship and algorithms and connect with friends.
  2. BrattBeat — This is a listing service.  List a business, an event, an art exhibit, etc.
  3. BrattBlog — Curated local arts and entertainment news service.  We publish press releases and content sent in by authors and writers, and also include news stories from other media sources.

Below you will find detailed instructions outlining how to get started, and if you have any questions, feel free to email me anytime.

Using BrattChat

BrattChat is a hyper-local social media service built just for Brattleboro and surrounding towns.  Anyone can use it.  It is similar in design to Facebook, for example, you can connect with friends, create a business page, create event listings, create and join groups, make posts that are public or private, like posts, send and receive private messages, save your favorite content, and more.  Use these instructions below to get started, or explore on your own!

Account Set-up

  • Create an Account— Register here, and check your email to activate your account.  
  • Set-up Profile— Go to the menu, and select ‘profile’.  Add a profile and cover image.
  • Adjust your account settings—  Go to the menu, and select ‘account’.  You can adjust your email settings, change your password, choose privacy, and more.
  • Add a business—  If you own a local business that has a physical location open to the public, add it here.  Featured Business listings are seen by everyone who visits BrattBeat.
  • Add an event—  Promote your event by listing it here.  Connect your event to your business listing.  Featured Event listings are seen by everyone who visits BrattBeat.

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