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Become a Featured Member of BrattBeat for the low cost of $100 a year.

Featured membership has these main benefits:

  • Your logo with link placed throughout BrattBeat
  • Your events become featured and are shared through our network.
  • Your blog posts (if you have a blog) are automatically shared through our network.
  • Your most recent social post is placed on our home page.


About our sharing network:

Your events and blog posts will be pushed out on social media including Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook. Our followers will be notified via browser notifications and a copy will be sent home through our daily newsletter service. We share all new listings to Instagram, and also some blog posts and events.

What this means – Your organization will be seen by thousands. Our followers trust BrattBeat to deliver useful local information without charging a fee to users, and without annoying advertising like popup and video ads from large corporations. BrattBeat is funded solely by local individuals and organizations.

About The Ad:

The ad links to your website or social media page and is placed on nearly every page of BrattBeat including event pages, blog posts, and static pages.


About payment:

We handle payments with PayPal.  You will be directed to the PayPal payment network where you can register, and pay.  Our service is a Subscription Plan.  You will be billed automatically each month, or each year, depending on which option you choose.  You can cancel your subscription at anytime yourself on PayPal, but if you are having any difficulty subscribing, or unsubscribing, please contact us at any time at contact@BrattBeat.com.

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