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Upgrade your free business listing to a Featured Listing for the low cost of $100 a year.

Featured listings have four main benefits:

  • A customized listing page
  • Your logo placed throughout BrattBeat
  • Your events become featured and are shared through our network.
  • Your blog posts are automatically shared through our network.

About page customization:

Every business is unique and has different needs so do not hesitate to ask any questions regarding customization. Some common elements are a "contact bar" which includes usually a link to your website, phone number, email, and social media links. Many artists have Etsy or Big Cartel e-commerce sites that can be linked to. Some restaurants use Chow Now or Gloria Foods for online ordering which can be added to your customized page. If you have calendar events, they can be added to your page. Many businesses use Instagram and Facebook, and why not have fresh content on your customized page on BrattBeat too by including your Instagram and/or Facebook feeds to inform customers about sales or other announcements.

About our sharing network:

Your event, blog, and business listing will be pushed out on social media including Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook. Our followers will be notified via browser notifications and a copy will be sent home through our daily newsletter service. We share all new listings to Instagram, and also some blog posts and events.

What this means - Your organization will be seen by thousands. Our followers trust BrattBeat to deliver useful local information without charging a fee to users, and without annoying advertising like popup and video ads from large corporations. BrattBeat is funded solely by local individuals and organizations.

About The Ad:

The ad links to your customized listing on BrattBeat and is placed on nearly every page of BrattBeat including event pages, blog posts, and free listing pages.

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