february, 2019

thu21feb6:00 pm7:00 pmIntroduction to Aikido6:00 pm - 7:00 pm Monadnock Aikikai

Event Details

Come learn the basics of Aikido with Will Kirkpatric, Sandan in an 8-week course at Monadnock Aikikai!

– The first class is a free sampler!
– Every Thursday from January 10th – February 28th, 6pm-7pm
– $70 for the full series

About Aikido:

As suggested by its name: ai – harmony, ki – spirit, do– the Way, Aikido never resists or clashes but resolves conflict by blending with the oncoming force. Persistence is key, and mastery is the work of a lifetime. But many long-time Aikido practitioners will tell you, Aikido is worth a lifetime of practice. It has the power to transform.

On the physical side of things, the practice of Aikido develops balance, strength, flexibility, confidence and relaxed movement under pressure. Many aikidoka find that aikido awareness helps to support a greater sense of calm and confidence in daily life.

Why study Aikido?:

For the martial artist, student of yoga, dancer, athlete or for anyone interested in dramatically expanding and changing the way they move, think, and react; Aikido offers a uniquely different and highly beneficial approach to exercise and practice. Aikido training places an emphasis on timing and “blending”. Great size or strength is not required. Aikido may be practiced by men and woman of all ages. For ages 7-11, we have a kids class.

Given the discord in the current social climate, people and especially women and children need all the “inner” strength they can get. In addition to physical conditioning and martial skill development, Aikido practice helps to strengthen and cultivate awareness, confidence and positive body language.

Training at our dojo:

You may begin your study anytime. Just sign up, attend class and start training. We gear our practice to accommodate the different levels of conditioning, experience and physical ability of each student. Wear loose-fitting gym clothes for your first free class or a gi if you have one. Once you sign up, wearing a gi is required. We will likely have a “loaner” gi for you to wear until you purchase your own.

Membership in our school entitles you to attend all 5 weekly classes. New students train with both beginning and advanced students during class. The essence of Aikido is cooperation and respect. This philosophy is expressed through Aikido’s unique use of pins, throws and locks, We train to blend with and transform the oncoming force while carefully protecting our training partner. We make a special effort to give all new students a strong foundation in the basics.


(Thursday) 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm


Monadnock Aikikai

152 Davis St