Join the BrattPack

The BrattPack sounds cool, but what is it you may ask yourself. The BrattPack is a unique advertising opportunity for local businesses that align with BrattBeat’s Mission of supporting local artists, musicians, poets, and other modern-day Beatniks.

Membership Benefits

Membership in the BrattPack provides several benefits:

  • A website Advertisement Card (examples above)
    • The Advertisement card includes a link to your website and the three most recent posts from your social media. the social images are updated automatically when you make a new post. Clicking the image brings users to the social post. (Works with Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. These ad cards are shown throughout the website.
  • An advertisement in the BrattBeat Weekly newsletter
  • Access to a private networking group
    • The private group is a Facebook Group that is for members of the BrattPack only. The intended purpose is to form a collaborative spirit among local small businesses. This could include almost any form of networking possibilities.
  • Supporting a good cause
    • BrattBeat needs your support to keep this vital resource available.

Membership Costs

BrattPack membership is a subscription

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